I want to welcome everyone to my new website!  Before I go any further, I need to personally thank Thomas Cumberbatch and his incredible staff at Godzspeed Communications.  I have been truly blessed to have been able to work with them on my website, from the inception to the final proof, their attention to detail was second to none!  I have been in the Recycling and Waste industry for close to 25 years, during that time I have met some incredible people along the way.  After much thought and the help of God,  I decided to create GreenForest Recycling Resources, LLC.  It has been such a rewarding experience, from the awesome people I have started working with to seeing the passion of the recycling industry.

I would love the opportunity to be able to get to know you and see what synergies we can create.  Currently I am moving quite a bit of MRF plastics in the Midwest, but would like to expand to other areas of the world.  I do move a lot of other regrinds, purges and bales as well, so if there is something that you are looking for or have an abundance of material to sell, please consider GreenForest Recycling Resources.

Today marks the start of Holy week, please take the time to reflect on all the wonderful blessing’s that God has provided for you and your family.  His Son paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and we should never forget that.

God’s blessings,




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